About Pure Catering

A Little About Us

Pure Catering was incorporated in 2011. With a solitary delivery van and a very tight kitchen, the business progressed to a large take away shop with catering facilities for both the public and corporate sectors.

After several years of operating from a local take away, the business elevated increasingly into Event Management and Wholesale supply. The increasing demand and growth of the business led to the purchase of larger premises in 2012, and a change in the company name to ‘Pure Catering & Services Ltd’. 

Pure moved steadily into the Corporate Hospitality & started supplying local businesses with a unique ‘Meals on Wheels’ service via a fleet of specially converted Mobile Catering vehicles. Since, the business has diversified into adding Corporate Hospitality, Logistics, Contingency Catering, Supply & Cleaning to its portfolio of services.


Freshness and flavour delivered

Here at Pure Catering, we’re no strangers to food and drink. In fact, we’ve been feeding hungry mouths for years, so we like to think we know what we’re doing. From Mobile catering and Supply, to Events, Corporate Buffets and Wholesale Distribution, we serve up much more than your average caterer. And when you pair that with our uncanny ability to understand a diverse range of industries, you can see why we have such a wide customer base.

Our lovingly handcrafted food uses only the finest ingredients that are as locally sourced as possible, from our freshly baked products right through to our scrumptious samosas. We avoid the unnecessary use of additives, colourings and preservatives, meaning you and your colleagues can eat as pure as can be. What’s more, we understand the nuances of each dietary requirement and can tailor our approach accordingly, from gluten free to vegan and everything in between.

Our team isn’t simply made up of talented chefs, dedicated delivery drivers and exciting ingredients. We also rely on our state of the art, mobile cooking facilities that enable us to do what we do best. This flexibility means we can deliver an outstanding service in every setting and are flexible enough to work exactly how you want.

Corporate Mission & Core Principles

Pure Catering has a relentless focus on providing a Personal Service to enable a frictionless and valuable experience for our customers. We believe in achieving excellence through innovation. Innovation in ideas, flexibility, and a top-class Service. Our relentless focus on efficiency of service will see Consumers award us with leadership, profit & value creation, allowing our people and the communities in which we live and work, to prosper.

Service, Integrity, Quality & Excellence are the core values of our Business. They are the foundations of our long-term relationship with Clients, our dedicated focus to our people & the values with which we run our day-to-day Operations.

SERVICE- We believe that absolute dedication & a high-quality service, brings long-term success.

INTEGRITY- We build trust by maintaining the highest standard of honesty& integrity at all times.

QUALITY- We believe in producing & delivering items of the highest quality at all times.

EXCELLENCE- We believe in facing up to demands with courage & producing excellence through innovation.

Growing Our Business

In 2019, a state of the art facility was purchased which boasts 9,000sq ft of space. With a blank Canvas, and growing demand, the sky really was the limit! A respectable reputation and a 5-Star ‘Scores on the Doors’ Health and Hygiene rating is of great value and pride. Pure now cater for a wide variety of clients, using only the finest ingredients. Despite the growth, the key fundamental values & principles of the business still remain, and are deeply engrossed within our ethos; ‘Every Customer matters… Nothing is impossible.’

And it is that very ethos, which allows us to build strong relationships with its clients, providing a professional, yet personal service. Pure works continuously to maintain high standards and to improve the skills and training of its staff.

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