Suraj – Our Operations Manager

Hi there! I’m Suraj, I joined Pure Catering as an Operations Manager in May this 2023. My main responsibilities are to oversee the continuous improvement and growth in our mobile catering fleet, whilst securing and successfully mobilising projects with both new and existing clients. I have had the opportunity to meet some of our clients over the past few weeks, and for those I have not- I’m sure we will meet soon in the near future!


This year Pure has been successful in securing project work with a range of Clients, both current and new. These projects include the launch of our new Kiosk division which will service various accounts, extensive works for a variety of projects throughout different areas of Heathrow Airport, and increased routes, providing enhanced Catering solutions for our Clientele in the City of London. This is all being introduced within our already extensive daily operations. Taking on this new work is both exciting and representative of the core values that form the foundations at Pure. Look out over the next few weeks, where we will be announcing some exciting news around projects!


At Pure, there is a continued focus on striving to provide the best service possible. In being able to successfully achieve this, equally we are aware there are always aspects of our operations that can be improved. This is something that we constantly seek to address throughout the business, and as a result will soon be launching a new Management Software to further enhance our service.

Moreover, this year alone we have invested heavily in a brand-new Fleet of vehicles to make our operations even more eco-friendlier, provide our customers with greater Catering logistical solutions & offer further extensive variety giving maximum value to them.