Playing Our Part

Its been a tough few months for businesses, with the ongoing effects of Covid-19. What initially appeared to be just another chapter in this years story, has in fact turned out to be the longest and most unexpected subplot, proving immensely advantageous for some, but equally calamitous for most firms. It’s been especially challenging for those in the hospitality & leisure sector, with strict Government guidelines, crippling the industry during it’s peak months.

Although times were challenging, there was still much that was needed to be done. At Pure we have been busier than ever, seizing the opportunity to; Rethink our strategy going forward, complete construction on our new premises, provide our catering services for the vulnerable, and introducing another leg to our Business. Here is all we have been doing, to further enhance our customer experience and deliver an even better service, once we come out of the this unexpected whirlwind that has consumed us over the last few months:

– Pure have been running limited day to day Business activity in and around London and LHR over the past few months, as well as taking on additional catering provisions for our clients. With Majority Hospitality outlets closed, our supply team have been working tirelessly to provide provisions to the Corporate trade, in a bid to reduce stress for businesses who had little to no catering solution for their workforce, during these unprecedented times.

– Although we have been fortunate enough to operate during the current conditions, others have not got the same rub of the green. Pure have donated PPE, food parcels & various other consumables to key workers, who have played such a huge part in keeping us all safe.

– Although some of our staff have been furloughed, we have taken this opportunity to restructure out Management Team. With a new Head of Operations, we have been able to open other avenues for our business.

– Pure have now completed the final bits of construction to our new site in Southall, West London. With a state of the art kitchen, Training room, and new office, we are more prepared than ever to adapt not only to a fast paced changing environment, but also provide the best service to our Customer base.

– Pure have launched a new leg to the Business. Our very own Online Grocery store, which allows customers to  enjoy a very new experience.

Shop for all the herbs, spices and secret ingredients that make our mouthwatering recipes, whilst getting a step by step recipe on our blog month of our chef’s most popular dishes. And if that doesn’t float your boat, then fear not! We have added various products to our online grocery store to please all shoppers from; Cooking Ingredients, Drinks, Hygiene, Tinned Goods, Rice, Snacks, Flour, Dairy, Frozen and much more.

– At Pure, we have set the bar high. We are aiming to launch all hospitality and office lunch menu’s online by July 2020, to further enhance our customer experience and provide more access than ever to our range!

In light to the current situation, it is important to realise that in life there will always be road blocks. It is down to us, to navigate around these hurdles, and seize the moment to make a difference. With that being said, the road to success is consistently under construction and here at Pure we like to to remind ourselves of the path we have followed to be where we are today; consistently putting our Customer’s Pocket and affordability at the forefront of our Business.