Post-Covid Recovery

It’s no secret that the Hospitality Sector has experienced extreme difficulties in recovering from the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic.

Similarly, Pure were operating at a record all time low operating capacity of only 35% for the financial year ending July 2021. However during difficult times, come great opportunities. I am proud of the Management at Pure, who pulled together during the toughest 2 years the company has endured and spent the downtime to launch new legs to the Business, and set new Management systems in place to prepare for the recovery, post-pandemic.


The new financial year saw a greater recovery that we initially expected, with sales jumping a surprising 40%. With the introduction of new contracts, which had been delayed due to the Pandemic, we saw a steady incline in sales for the year ending 2021, with encouraging signs of ‘light’ at the end of what has been a very long tunnel.


We are extremely proud to have retained all our workforce with thanks to the Government Job Retention Scheme, and have all staff safely back in their respective roles. To celebrate this, we are holding a Media day at our premises to celebrate our workforce, and their continued commitment to the Company.


Our Kitchen team, lead by our Head Chef, have launched new exciting menus for our Hospitality Customers. With global interest growing around the concept of plant based foods, Pure have been working on introducing a greater Vegan range, and a further diversified menu, to meet varied requirements.


Similarly, our Commercial Procurement team has been extremely busy too.

We look forward to welcoming a new fleet of vehicles throughout 2022, to add to our current fleet. The newer fleet boasts on-board state of the art facilities for our Mobile Catering Section, and new machinery, about which we are very much excited for our customers to experience.


  The forecast for 2022, looks extremely encouraging for the Company.

With the comeback of the Hospitality Sector well and truly on, Pure look forward to building strong relationships with its newly acquired clients as well as further cementing the relationship it holds with its current clients. One thing we are extremely big on at Pure, is understanding the value of each and every single one of our Customers. You will often find our Directors personally involved with Client Accounts, and easily accessible directly to the client. Of course, take nothing away from our fantastic team who manage all our clients with admirable pride. But at Pure we do things differently, as one of our Director’s, Avi Singh, explains below;


‘For us as Founders & Directors, we understand the need for clients to have direct access to various part of our Company Hierarchy. It has long been a habit of mine to always give our clients direct access to Directors, if and when they need. My phone stays on 24/7, because we are passionate about serving. And this ethos runs throughout our organisation, where nothing is too much. The team often process orders last second, out of office hours & sometimes even on the day! For us it’s more than just a client. We want to treat everyone like family.’